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Update: Tampa Club Host and International Clubs co-ordinator Julie Chorgo hands Club resource list to Bill Foster, Mayoral Candidate in St Pete.


The Club has begun OPERATION SATURATION, formally SOL: Saturation Operation on Libertarianism-Social Options. This is the first attempt to systematically reach all voters and public leaders at low-cost  with Libertarian Information door-to-door, build local teams, and systematically develop community Libertarian leaders...ever. Our goal is a database as well of over 100,000 interested people statewide. So far in Pinellas we've raised awareness with publicity via a radio show, Adopt-A-Road program, websites and media stories, and a bumpersticker club...this is marketing, a direct to the person outreach.


Up to now the movement has focused on infrastructure...getting things like IHS,CATO, the LP, ISIL up and in the public mind. This uses those structures by leveraging public awareness of them door to door, along with our own Club materials. It is centered in Pinellas but all are invited to join in Pinellas and locally.

 This will be done by:

>Getting Quiz, Club resource/ideas list and the DISCOVER LIBERTY to people in public office and opinion leaders every 4 years.

>Committments by 400+ Libertarians and friends to build precincts: have bumpersticker and if they can hand out 1000 pieces (such as DISCOVER LIBERTY, the FLASH Animation or info on John Stossel's show) to precinct voters, and pass on volunteer/team prospects to form Club teams in each State House District to work on local problems, develop public office prospects and activists, and build community in theior Neighborhood Associations

>Increased involvement in Award programs such as Advocates, where we're already number 1.


To assist the program, the Clubs are creating a new series of FLASH promos, and with the Advocates are discussing thousands of DISCOVER LIBERTY tabloids at favorable rates. A call and outreach program will begin this fall in September or October. We estimate it will take 5 years to complete the program.


UPDATE: Join Yahoo Group and also learn of specific goals at LPPC.



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