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Kennon and Kira Gilson present draft fundraising Pinellas Trail Animal Spotter's guide to Advisory Board head as younger brother Taylor beams on.

Kennon and Kira Gilson are not only the youngest Libertarians in public office--they started at 15 and 13 respectively--but are now on three local appointive boards: an experimental youth advisor group for the Pinellas Trails (where they're developing a fundraising tool to help meet the park goal of entirely private funding) , the St Petersburg Library Youth Advisory Board (where they have proposed several voluntary programs) , and have now just been appointed by the Pinellas County Commissioners to the County Youth Advisory Board (where they hope to bring the Home School perspective and better study county programs).


Said Clubster Ralph Swanson, who co-founded the Libertarian Party of Florida and the national USLP as a charter member, "No Libertarian can complain that Libertarians are not getting into office or claim youth rights is a 'radical' position when these teens are on three boards.A Libertarian in the party who is not on some sort of board should look into getting onto something. I encourage all youth to look into this means of community participation. In some countries people can vote at 16 and there was even a teen mayor in the UK who did a credible job, and there is now a Teen mayor system there and Teen mayors in the US. " The Libertarian Party paved the way almost electing a teen Natiopnal leader some ytears ago and formally encourages youth involvement.  Kira recieved recognition from the LPF at a recent state meeting as well.


Kennon and Kira are both walking for health fans. Kennon is interested in computers, graphics, acting and real estate law. Kira is interested in zoology, ecology, fantasy art and says she might want to be a veterinarian.


RESOURCE--TEEN Mayor system in UK:

US Teen mayors:





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The news show is on hiatus while volunteers work to create a new YouTube format and Paul takes a long needed rest. The Format will include old interviews by category to help your activism.


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Update: Tampa Club Host and International Clubs co-ordinator Julie Chorgo hands Club resource list to Bill Foster, Mayoral Candidate in St Pete.


The Club has begun OPERATION SATURATION, formally SOL: Saturation Operation on Libertarianism-Social Options. This is the first attempt to systematically reach all voters and public leaders at low-cost  with Libertarian Information door-to-door, build local teams, and systematically develop community Libertarian leaders...ever. Our goal is a database as well of over 100,000 interested people statewide. So far in Pinellas we've raised awareness with publicity via a radio show, Adopt-A-Road program, websites and media stories, and a bumpersticker club...this is marketing, a direct to the person outreach.


Up to now the movement has focused on infrastructure...getting things like IHS,CATO, the LP, ISIL up and in the public mind. This uses those structures by leveraging public awareness of them door to door, along with our own Club materials. It is centered in Pinellas but all are invited to join in Pinellas and locally.

 This will be done by:

>Getting Quiz, Club resource/ideas list and the DISCOVER LIBERTY to people in public office and opinion leaders every 4 years.

>Committments by 400+ Libertarians and friends to build precincts: have bumpersticker and if they can hand out 1000 pieces (such as DISCOVER LIBERTY, the FLASH Animation or info on John Stossel's show) to precinct voters, and pass on volunteer/team prospects to form Club teams in each State House District to work on local problems, develop public office prospects and activists, and build community in theior Neighborhood Associations

>Increased involvement in Award programs such as Advocates, where we're already number 1.


To assist the program, the Clubs are creating a new series of FLASH promos, and with the Advocates are discussing thousands of DISCOVER LIBERTY tabloids at favorable rates. A call and outreach program will begin this fall in September or October. We estimate it will take 5 years to complete the program.


UPDATE: Join Yahoo Group and also learn of specific goals at LPPC.




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Clubsters--Libertarian, Democratic, Independent, and more--are continuing election reform efforts, where they've scored substantial wins,  and many  are focusing on mechanics of improving statewide petitions and fair district efforts. For further information see  Clubster Leonard Schmiege, who heads a citizen voting integrity group,  and others recently gave a talk at the St Pete Beach theater on improvements in election reform after screening a movie of the subject.


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The Pinellas Adopt-A-Mile Program has completed its mission and will be discontinued in Spring 2009 for resumption at a later time or as an Adopt-A-Park effort. Hopes to continue it were dashed when several participants moved out of county or resigned due to health. Nonetheless the 5 signs in Pinellas were seen by an estimated 15,000 people daily as they drove by, and resulted in continuing inquiries and interest. Clubsters seeking office or at board meetings were greeted with "I saw your sign--good work!" Programs continue in Manateee-Sarasota and one is under discussion in Hillsborough. Thanks to all!


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Clubsters received recognition at our bi-annual event and the LPPC annual meeting. Clubsters are slated to do well in the Light of Liberty awards for another year.


UPDATE (C-Pinellas Club user, F-Florida Club):


FBrian Bustamente

CLee Clar

C***Julie Chorgo

CKennon Gilson

CKira Gilson

C***Michael Gilson-De Lemos

CAnn Kovolyak

FMichael Meroney

CPaul Molloy

CWilliam Sachs

CDan Skinner

C***Ralph Swanson


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Dr. Ralph Swanson, surrounded by his law books, is at work on petition effort. He says the time to focus on Libertarian-leaning change through Direct Democracy is here.

Club users are pioneering a combination call club and petition effort to focus on issues of Libertarian interest. The model will eventually go international and follows the agenda of the LIO. The petitions under study by Clubster Ralph Swanson focus on Libertarian issues that have substantial common ground, such as MMP as pioneered by Libs in New Zealand, medical and drug small quantity decriminalization, and tax abolition with service improvement. The call club, which includes many non-Clubsters, is an informal call and e-mailing support group process that has already helped cut taxes and bring about anti-bullying measures, say users. The process can also help candidates interested in running by petition.